dasdas The 145 Summit At Sea

A main event of the 145 Summit at Sea are the Shop Presentation meetings. We've organized this event in such a way that it maximizes a shop's exposure to 50 airline maintenance representatives and reduces the number of presentations to one presentation per repair center. Below are the terms and conditions surrounding the event:

Event Details

Group 1

Friday, August 5, 2021
Conference Center
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Group 2

Friday, August 7, 2021
Conference Center
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Airline Participation Requirements

All Airline company representatives must participate in the Shop Presentation Sessions according to the following criteria:

The Conference Center will be divided into four independent conference rooms, each with space for 50 airline representatives. One (1) airline representative from each airline should be present in each one of the four conference rooms. No more than one (1) airline company representative is permitted in any one of the four conference rooms.

Airline Representatives are expected to be present, and seated, in their designated conference room ten (10) minutes prior to the start time.

Spouse/Guest attendees are not permitted in the Shop Presentations area at any time.

Shop Priority Grouping for Shop Presentation Appointments

Upon Registration and payment in full, 145 Summit at Sea will log a timestamp and the attending company will be automatically placed into Presenting Group 1 or Presenting Group 2.

Approximately one month prior to the event, the Primary Company Contact will receive an email confirming the Company's group number, conference room number and time slot for their presentation.

At that time, the Company will also confirm back to 145 Summit at Sea the representative who will be presenting to the airlines.

Shop Presentation Participation Requirements

Designated Presenters should arrive at the conference center fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment.

Only paid Conference Attendees may participate in Shop Presentation Sessions.

No more than two (2) Supplier Company representatives are permitted at any given Presentation appointment.

Spouse/Guest attendees are not permitted in the Shop Presentation area at any time.

Overall Presentation Sessions Guidelines

Each Shop Presentation Session is five (5) minutes in length.

The Committee will provide an audible tone signaling the end of each presentation period.

Please observe the five (5) minute limit by moving clear of the podium for the next presenter.

Presenters are encouraged to politely remind other Presenters who may be occupying their respective appointment time. If there is a problem, contact one of The 145 Summit at Sea Assistants in the area for help.

Presenters shall remain outside of their designated Conference Room Number until their scheduled appointment time.

An Assistant from 145 Summit at Sea will announce the presenter's company name just prior to entering the conference room.